Protecting your IT systems and business data is vitally important. Business information can be a valuable asset, and critical information such as financial data and customer records can be very difficult to replace. Loss of confidential or sensitive data can also have serious consequences.


Small investments of time and money can achieve large improvements in information security. Often, security can be improved by simple common sense and good management practice.


if you keep electronic details about your staff and your customers; you are required by law to keep this data safe and secure.


No-one wants a breach in network security to occur but in today's environment it is practically inevitable. This doesn't mean that your network is going to crash, however, because not all types of network security breaches are major events. Some are so minor that you may not even notice if you're aren't paying extremely close attention to your network's activity. Smaller breaches can lead to larger ones, so it is important to know where the threats are coming from.


At Foxcomm we strongly focus on Network Security, we believe the best approach to implementing a good network security strategy is to be well-prepared for attacks. There is a four-step process, which we offer our customers:

Protect What Matters

Information Security


Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (known as the CIA triad) are the core principles of information security.




Breaches of confidentiality take many forms from permitting someone to look over your shoulder at your computer screen while you have confidential data displayed on to a laptop being stolen or sold with sensitive information.




When information is modified in transit the integrity is compromised. Most cipher systems provide message integrity along with privacy as part of the encryption process. Messages that have been tampered with in transit will not decrypt successfully.




Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks are one of the most common forms of hacking and can stop an organisation form working. These attacks can take many forms from stopping staff accessing your premises to flooding your email with spam. For any information system to serve its purpose, the information must be available when it is needed.

Information Security solutions comprise of more than Antivirus and Firewalls to protect your systems from hackers and spam email. They include:



2 Factor Authentication

Secure Remote Access VPN

(IPSec and SSL)

Data Loss Prevention

End Point Security

Data Encryption

UPS Power Supplies

High Availability Data Centres

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Cyber Security and Data Encryptions