Foxcomm File Sharing Solution (FSS)

FSS or Foxcomm File Sharing Solution is essential for data backup and efficient file sharing across the network and different department in most businesses nowadays. FSS is an all-in-one file server ideal for data sharing and storage on both internal and external networks. FSS can be deployed as a central storage server and a backup server with data protection by RAID configuration and secure data transfer with access right control.




Mass storage; file sharing across different platforms

User access control (Multiple Operating Systems Including Mobile Apps)

Data protection

High data transfer performance

Mass storage; file sharing across different platforms

Backup of Mission Critical Data

Cloud Storage Data Backup Module

VM Backup Module

Anytime, anywhere Access


Foxcomm FSS proceeds up to 16TB of storage capacity to meet the demand of storage-hungry business, workgroups, and personal users. Users working on different OS's, Windows/ Mac/ Linux/ UNIX can share file via the FSS. It provides FTP service and supports SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) for secure data transfer over the Internet.


User Access Control


The IT administrator can create folders, user groups, and users on the Foxcomm FSS with specified read and write access. Domain user accounts and password can be imported to the FoxComm FSS easily by joining the NAS to an AD domain. This saves the IT effort on account creation and management.


Data protection


Foxcomm FSS supports RAID 1/ 5/ 6 with hot spare configurations to protect the system from possible data loss caused by hard disk drive failure.


High data transfer performance


Foxcomm FSS provides excellent data transfer performance of up to 100MB/s via samba. This reduces the waiting time of file upload and download. The dual LAN models offer two Gigabit network interfaces which are capable of load balancing and fault tolerance to maintain high availability of the system and the data.

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