Leased Fibre Internet System
Foxcomm Connect

How much would your business loose without internet coonnectivity?

vlan diagram

Foxcomm Connect is a High Speed, 99.99% SLA Leased Internet Service best suited for businesses where 100% uptime for connectivity is critical for business operations. In the age of information, as they grow and evolve, businesses have to carefully consider how they connect to the internet. The different technologies bring varying performance and service levels, with different implications if a connection suddenly stops working. Get in touch with us so we can advise you with the best and more suited option.

EFM/Leased Line: We provide direct EFM & Leased Lines for SME's with the option of Auto Failover to your business premises, if you are looking for reliable and cost effective internet leased line solution, you are at the right place.

Foxcomm Auto Failover: The diagram below shows if the main Internet fails; a backup is in place which automatically kicks in to keep all devices connected thus reducing the downtime all-togethar, we can supply this option with Smart Fibre and EFM. Email us or Call us to know more.

foxcomm internet failover system
office internet diagram
internet for football stadiums