Hosted Desktops

Move your Desktop to the Cloud.



Whether you’re in the office or on the go, ShareFile allows you to access, securely send, share, approvals and even e-signatures on any file - fast. Collaborate with files – of whatever size - in real time and cut out the inbox-clogging attachments.


01 - Granular access control from any device

02 - Unlimited cloud storage for files of any size

03 - Bank-level encryption protects your files

foxcomm citrix desktop


  • UK Based Data Center

  • Packed with Microsoft Office Suites  

  • Realtime Backup and Replication

  • Reliability and 24/7 Managed Support

  • Office 365 Integrated

  • Accessible from Anywhere, Anytime


Citrix Infrastructure Layout


Virtual Apps and Desktops


Give your employees the freedom to work from anywhere with secure, remote access to a desktop OS in a virtual environment.


01 - Cut your IT Hardware and Licensing Costs

02 - Compatible with Windows, Linux, Web and SaaS applications

03 - Citrix Provide Dedicated Resources for Users

hosted desktop on all devices

Foxcomm's Hosted Desktops is a Citrix Based Cloud Solution which enables you to access your Desktop, Business Apps and Files from the Cloud enabling you to work from anywhere on a wide range of devices - your computer is powered online rather than from a local hard drive.


Hosted Desktops uses the power of the internet to deliver a quick and easy to use online computing system. As consumers enjoy ever more online services which they can access using a smart phone, so these consumers need the same flexibility and power in their working lives. This is where Hosted Desktop fits, its a cloud service for business that enables you to access your entire work requirements from anywhere and on any device.