Security Statement

Foxcomm Remote Software

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is it easy to use


Yes.  Once you’ve allowed us access to your computer you don’t need to do anything.  One of our specialist IT support staff will investigate the issue, just as if he was sitting at your desk. If our support team don’t require any additional information; you can carry on with any other non-computer-based tasks.


2. How long does remote IT support take?


Typically, a support query will take 20-30 minutes but of course there are exceptions which take longer.  Our IT support team will always try to fix the problem as soon as possible. If it can’t be resolved remotely we will send an engineer to deal with it on site


3. Remote Support, is it secure?


Yes. There is a secure, 128-bit encrypted, connection between the support engineer’s computer and your computer that prevents anyone else from getting access or seeing what’s happening on your computer. Once our technician has ended the session (logged out of your computer) he will not be able be to reconnect to your computer until you request another remote support session.

Mac Support Foxcomm

Foxcomm Industry-standard (SSL) security technologies are used to protect data transfer; RSA 1024 Bit Public / Private Key Exchange is used to negotiate symmetrical AES 256 Bit end-to-end encryption; end-user applications are digitally signed by means of a VeriSign certificate.