Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and Bars want to offer complimentary or pay per use legally compliant WIFI internet access to their clients, but want something tangible in return. Typical barriers include cost of setup, cost of equipment, cost of maintenance and the complexities of legal compliance.


So we deploy Foxcomm WiFi HotSpot as a software service to provide affordable solutions to all these problems, and offer something unique. You are able to capture all your clients data e.g emails, name, phone number etc ready for your marketing campaigns. It's a fair deal, your client gets Internet access in exchange for signing up to your newsletter should uou choose to and it gives you many other options to control the Internet supplu to your guests.

Full WiFi Coverage Guarantee


Guests Can Connect Unlimited Devices


“World-class” Technical Support 24/7


Better WiFi Security Solutions For Hotels


Custom WiFi Login Pages That Get You Positive Reviews On TripAdvisor


30 Day Money Back Guarantee


We Take WiFi Security To Another Level



Access to customer data – emails or social media information – to support future marketing opportunities.


Increase in business customers using hotel facilities for stable network access.


Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty due to fast WiFi speeds.


A potential revenue stream in itself if charging.


Efficiencies for the hotel itself if it’s set up to make use of modern technology – i.e. staff members have devices and receive notifications when guests check out.


Be ready for Smart technology – connected devices and the Internet of Things – entering the hospitality industry.

WIFI Solutions for Hotels and Restaurants 
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