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Foxcomm Cloud Data Backups


Protect your data

Backup all your important files anytime with a single click, & use the scheduler to automate your backups.


Work with 2 or more computers

Ensure your workstation, laptop, and networked computers have the same files. Let 'Smart Sync' (2-way file sync) do the work.


Recover your lost files easily

When disaster strikes, click a single button to restore. Save stress and time with a simple recovery process.


Keep confidential data private

Keep your backups completely secure with 256-bit AES encryption. Military level security ensures your peace of mind.

         Copy Open Files

Backup 'live' documents

Now there's no need to close your programs to backup files. Keep Outlook, Word, Excel etc. running as your files are backed up.


Keep your files small

Compress your backups using the latest compression technology. You can compress an unlimited size, and an unlimited number of files.


Keep previous versions

Create "backup snapshots" of your files so that you can recover your data by "rolling back" to a specific time. You define how many versions suit your needs.


Set it and forget it

Once you've created your backup/sync profile you can have it scheduled to run without any user interaction. You don't need to remember to backup your files.


         Incremental Backups

Does what is required

Only new and changed files are copied. Incremental backups are supported, and variables can be used, e.g. backup to a folder based on the current date.

         Advanced Customization

A superb array of options

SBF has a dazzling array of options for advanced users. Check out the Comprehensive List of Features.

         FTP and Email

Online access

Backup or sync files with an FTP server. Encryption, compression, & Unicode is supported. Auto email the results.

         Windows 8, 7, Windows Server 2008

Tested and Optimized for Windows

SBF has undergone exhaustive testing by the technical team to ensure compatibility.

         Performance & Throttling

As fast as can be

Everything is done as fast as it possibly can be. If you need to slow it down, e.g. limit bandwidth usage, then you can.

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