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  • Fully managed solutions tailored to suit your business needs

  • Full video conferencing suite available for product demonstrations

  • Breakthrough ease of use, including touch interface options and unique SmartPairing™ technology, making it simple to use your own Apple iPad tablet to start and manage video calls.

  • High-performance technology that reduces network bandwidth costs and delivers true-to-life collaboration experiences

  • Customizable and expandable options that will help you reap the most from your system for years to come

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  •  Increased productivity – achieve more in less time

  • Lower costs through reduced travel and lost travelling time

  • Enable staff to work remotely or from home

  • Enhanced customer, supplier and staff communications

  • Gain competitive advantage through improved decision making and speed-to-market

  • Rapid and measurable return on investment

  • The world's best price/performance line of high definition video communication systems

  • HD images which have more pixels than your eyes can detect

  • Video quality natural enough to use for an all-day, face-to-face meeting

  • Unique flexibility and scalability with a range of products to suit various budgets and organisation sizes.

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  What can a high definition video conferencing solution deliver to your business?

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